A Healthier Alternative To Coal Fuel

Generally, when people think about alternative fuel supplies the very first solution that crop in their mind is wind or solar power to create electricity. However, there is also one alternative fuel source which has quite often got very little attention and they are wood pellets.

Since fossil fuels are being used so extensively, it has been sensed that the concentrations of CO2 has been extensively increased in the ocean and atmosphere. The combustion of natural gas, petroleum products and coal along with the use of land, has started to release carbon which was captured for millions of years. However, it is now better to convert coal power plants to wood pellets. The overall cost of power would be more or less the same as power that’s generated from natural gas, and this way jobs are created and not destroyed. You can buy wood pellets as it is quite an eco friendly wood stove, and more so, it’s a fact that when you cook with wood, the food smells as well as tastes anytime better.

These days, there are so many online stores where you get wood pellets and reliable electric meat grinders for sale and they are extremely cost effective. When food, especially meat is made from pure wood pellet, you get a wood-fired flavor which makes the food even more scrumptious. If you love to grill or are a BBQ enthusiast, then you sure would want to purchase wood pellet.

When food is made on traditional wood stoves, it requires pieces of wood or even leaves or pieces of tree which are cut down for cooking food with different flavours, and it is used for the process of burning. While on the other hand, wood pellets are created from waste material of other industries. They tend to be eco friendly since it is made from the waste of sawdust which is created furniture and sawmills manufacturers. These pellets are themselves the waste byproduct of different industries. So far as there are different kinds of left over materials by which they can get manufactured, wood pellets will be considered as a cost effective, renewable fuel source.

The way in which wood pellets are manufactured is by taking raw materials and then they are exposed to extreme pressure and heat. Due to the extreme pressure and heat the sawdust gets glued since natural secretions take place from the wood itself which is known as lignins. Due to the lignins being excreted, it works effectively as a binding agent and this way the sawdusts are held tightly together. The product which is finally finished is a burnable pellet and its size mostly ranges between 6 and 8 mm. After this process is over, the pellets are then placed in bags and marketed all around.