Gourmet Dishes For Christmas

Holiday seasons usually involve feasts and drinks and is a time for family. Depending on the holiday that is celebrated, there is usually a variety of food that is eaten. One of the most popular holidays celebrated from all around the world is the Christmas Holiday followed by New Year’s Eve. Here are a few gourmets you could serve for next Christmas.

Christmas Breakfast

This will be the first meal of the holiday and is important as it could set the tone for the rest of the day. A nice Christmas breakfast would be a Christmas breakfast sausage Casserole, which is made from sausages, eggs and bread topped up with some cheese. This is a tasty treat that is loved by people of all age groups and can be prepared quite quickly. If you want to treat the kids to something special as well them you could prepare some delicious gingerbread waffles with some chocolate sauce which they would definitely enjoy.


When there is food there is the beverage that goes hand in hand with it. The type of beverage served all comes down to taste and there is no particular type of drink that would outweigh the other. However there is the choice of alcoholic vs. non-alcoholic that you will have to decide. If you are serving an alcoholic beverage you may want to consider making a delicious cocktail using your preferred drinks and you may even want to top it off with some of the stronger types such as Absinthe liquor.


This is the main meal during Christmas that involves having your friends and relatives over and hence the most important. One possible option would be to have cold ham and turkey which is a meal enjoyed by most, or you could serve it with a chicken roast if not turkey. Top it off with a rich flavoured alcoholic beverage such as Jim Beam black cherry, should leave your guests feeling well satisfied.

White Christmas

One of the easiest desserts you can prepare, White Christmas is one of the most popular Christmas servings in Australia. Made from a variety of fruits such as raisins, cherries and desiccated coconut, its preparation is quite simple and quick. It is usually served cold and is cut into little squares. This should be served after your main course meal as a dessert. You can also mix it up by adding some candy when serving it to children.

When choosing your dishes you may want to take into consideration, the guests that you will be having over and if they have any personal preferences such as vegetarian meals, seafood, etc.